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Keeping students safe at school

Keeping students safe at school
Keeping students safe at school

We recognize that many families are concerned about safety as students prepare to return to school. Safety is a top concern for school staff, as well. We know kids cannot learn if they do not feel safe, and we are committed to ensuring our buildings remain safe and welcoming places for all of our students.

Our school district has been working closely with Washington County Emergency Response and local first responders for the past several years. Together we review school emergency plans, train staff, practice safety drills with students, and increase security in our buildings. Learn more about our Emergency Management plans.

Safety is not just about building security and emergency protocols. It’s also about school climate and personal relationships. District staff are working at all levels to continuously improve facilities and update safety plans, as well as support students’ mental health and emotional well-being. 

Here are a few ways we're working to keep schools safe:

  • Implementing Standard Response Protocols - a simple, easy-to-understand plan that provides clear actions for students and staff to take in an emergency. It’s used by districts across the country and was developed by educators, emergency responders and safety experts based on best practices.
  • Training administrators and staff to identify and respond to concerning behaviors.
  • Encouraging students, staff, and families to report concerns directly to principals or through our See Something, Say Something website.
  • Teaching a variety of prevention programs at all grade levels. Programs are designed to build community, help students feel connected to one another and to teachers, reduce bullying behaviors and more. Learn more.

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In Other News

Calendars approved for next two years

The district will implement a new early start, early end calendar beginning in the 2025-2026 school year, while next year's calendar will maintain the status quo.